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cheap louis vuitton outlet In 1957 with 7 supermodel to Japan Japanese women reflected in the exquisite and elegant deeply attracted Mr. Dior. In 1957, he led seven models to Japan to showcase their new fashion. In 1959, Michiko Princess (Princess Michiko) wedding, Mr. Dior designed for her three sets of wedding. Sitting in a gorgeous four-wheel carriage in the Michiko Princess wearing low-cut cut avant-garde wedding dress, so that the European design and the formation of a traditional Japanese kimono a delicate connection. 1998, Japan's first Dior 1998, Dior's first boutique in Japan in Tokyo Ginza (Ginza) opened, the iconic giant rattan ornamentation facade shines throughout the city. 2007SS John Galliano to pay tribute John Galliano in his Dior era more high-profile tribute to Japanese culture. Spring and summer of 2007 advanced custom series, he used lanterns, cherry, pine, folding fan, these classic Japanese elements and Dior-style geisha makeup, re-interpretation of the show theme: 'Madame Butterfly.' louis vuitton bags outlet

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louis vuitton outlet store invited to participate in this intimate sense of strong activity, activity will show in early spring design women's clothing art director Nad geVanh e e-Cybulski. Ready to wear Nad Ge Vanhee-Cybulski art director photograph: Inez amp; Vinoodh Vanh so low-key on the brand and e-Cybulski are appropriate, in the Vanh e-Cybulski working behind the scenes before adding 2014 Herm s, Martin Margiela, C was line Phoebe Philo and The Row Ashley amp; Mary Kate Olsen sisters work. "This means that the senior clothing to the 21 world Handbags or scarves'earlier, this spring, the Herm s designer showroom in New York, said, handbags and scarves are the 'front door of the fashion house.I hope clothing can really revive. 'Hermès has been producing over-the-top series since 2004 but has opted not to show it to tHe media, and it is not surprising that Axel Dumas, the chief executive of the company, is looking to develop garments, and the first shareholder meeting in 2014 Clothing and fashion accessories including Pierre louis vuitton purses outlet

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louis vuitton handbags outlet to the people enough to wear 3 years.' Although the relevant person in charge of the Association of Garment Came out to deny rumors, said the inventory of listed apparel companies in the controllable range, but many people on this argument is clearly reservations. 'I have been some time ago in Jinjiang, a lot of sports shoes and apparel business conducted a survey to Understand the situation, most enterprises are now facing inventory pressure is still very large. 'Han Yongsheng told reporters. And Mao Lihui Haining area of ​​Zhejiang Province, the same is true of the situation.' Now, Haining many companies have ceased production Of new products, will focus on clean-up inventory. 'In this regard, Chulan chairman Wu Jianmin that the capital and commercial real estate driven garment industry, has produced too much' Bubble ', clothing products are in the development stage of excess supply Therefore, 'In recent years, the development of the apparel industry some of the problems are also very normal, which is the growth louis vuitton factory outlet